The project "Twinning in Environmental Data and Dynamical Systems Modelling for Latvia" (TED4LAT) is a Coordination and Support Action proposal targeting the overarching objective of the call HORIZON-WIDERA-2021-ACCESS-03- 01: Twinning to reach high international standards in research and innovation in Latvia. It will be implemented by twinning two prominent research institutions in France, Institut National de Recherche pour l’Agriculture, l’Alimentation et l’Environnement, and in Italy, Politecnico di Torino, with three widening Latvian Universities (Liepaja University, Vidzeme University of Applied Sciences, and Riga Technical University). The Baltic Open Solutions Center, a Latvian SME, joins the endeavor as a living-lab application partner.

Latvian universities barely reach international standards in strategic areas such as the foundation and last-generation ICT science and technology like Artificial Intelligence, Data Science, and Dynamic Systems Modeling. In these sectors, Latvia is lagging behind compared to other European countries and aims at bridging the knowledge gap.

To achieve the objectives, a research component of the work plan aims at targeting universities, incubators, research centers, NCPs. An intertwined set of Communication and Support activities aim at reaching the broadest community of junior and senior researchers, Twinning project’s teams and other EC initiatives, Latvian policy and decision makers. A common research agenda will address scientific challenges related to the use of satellite data for environmental applications, as accompanying measures, computational infrastructure upgrades, doctoral schools, workshops, exchange visits and seminars will be implemented.

The outcomes will be critically important to increase the ability and capacity of Latvian universities to carry out large-scale and high-quality research in the aforementioned domains. Capacity building will result in the emergence of Latvian universities' excellence for proactively cooperating in EU research programmes over the coming decade.

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PhD student Guna Jakobsone-Snepste presents her research

At the 9th International Conference on Advances in Clean Energy Research, held in Lille, France on April 27-29, 2024, young researcher Guna Jakobsone-Snepste participated. Within the Ted4Lat project, Guna presented her research “State of decision making in the Baltic States: Nuclear Energy past and for the future.”
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Looking for new Horizons in Vilnius

Ted4Lat members Dr. Atis Kapenieks and PhD student Guna Jākobsone – Šnepste from Riga Technical University participated in the European Innovation Council Baltic Info Day in Vilnius, Lithuania.
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“Can happiness be measured by wealth?”

05.04.2024. Una Krutova, a researcher from RTU participating in the TED4LAT research program, spoke at the 82nd International Scientific Conference of the University of Latvia session of the “Geomatics: Remote Sensing and GIS” with the presentation “Can happiness be measured by wealth?“
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Liepaja University PhD student Dzintars Jankovskis introduces his research

Liepaja University PhD student Dzintars Jankovskis, active participant in TED4LAT project, presenting his research “Digital Twins and E-Learning: Challenges and Opportunities.” in 5th International Conference on Higher Education Learning Methodologies and Technologies Online, September 13-15, 2023 Foggia, Italy. Scientific advisors Iveta Cīrule and Anna Carbone
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TED4LAT is heard at the World Congress of Latvian Scientists!

The Horizon Europe project “TED4LAT” team (Atis Kapenieks, Anita Jansone, Lāsma Ulmane – Ozoliņa, Aleksandrs Gorbunovs, Jānis Kapenieks sen. and Guna Jākobsone-Šņepste) participated in the congress to present the project, attract future cooperation partners and motivate doctoral students to go on exchange trips, to expand the network of cooperation. The project is picking up speed!
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Project participants present their research

On June 1, Riga Technical University researcher Ieva Vītoliņa participated in the 81st international scientific conference of the University of Latvia and presented the TED4LAT project and the research conducted within it. On June 2, the Seventh Annual International Conference on Innovations and Creativity was held at the University of Liepāja. The theme of the



Liepaja University (LIEPU)

Riga Technical University (RTU)

Vidzeme University of Applied Sciences (ViA)


Politecnico di Torino (POLITO)

Baltic Open Solutions Center (BOSC)

National Research Institute for Agriculture, Food and Environment (INRAE)

Responsible person

Ieva Vītoliņa (RTU) - WP1

Lāsma Ulmane-Ozoliņa (LiepU) - WP2

Ginta Majore (ViA) - WP3

Guillaume Deffuant (INRAE) - WP4

Aleksandrs Gorbunovs (RTU) - WP5


Atis Kapenieks (RTU)

Ginta Majore

Ginta Majore (ViA)

Guillaume Deffuant (INRAE)

Anita Jansone (LiepU)

Anna Carbone (POLITO)